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The winegrowing area where we are located is a privileged environment. A mountainous area where the vineyards are located around 800 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests and only 60km from the Mediterranean Sea. This creates a unique microclimate in the Southeast of Spain. A cool and pleasant microclimate, but with accentuated thermal oscillations for the good ripening of the Monastrell.

In addition, the annual rainfall is slightly more abundant than in neighboring areas, which together with the above, make Monastrell wines are more subtle.

The vineyards are located in two small valleys. They are composed of 3 small plots of Monastrell and a small plot of Syrah. Each of these vineyards has a different soil and a different orientation which means that each vineyard produces a different wine.


The philosophy of the winery is a clear commitment to the Monastrell variety to reflect an area, a place and a landscape in a bottle. And this can only be achieved through high quality wines, as natural as possible and an immense respect in the cultivation of each vineyard.

Monastrell is the best adapted native variety and best represents the Mediterranean character. Historically, Monastrell has produced wines that are difficult, hard, edgy and not very drinkable. This is mainly due to the difficulty of growing it in such an austere area as the southeast of Spain. But today, our work in viticulture is giving us a new dimension of a Monastrell that is elegant, powerful but at the same time subtle and easy to drink. In short, unique wines with character.

“Las más altas prestaciones
sin perder la esencia”



Our winery was designed with our philosophy and our vineyards in mind. In order to respect the grapes to the maximum, all the elaboration is produced by gravity and to express to the maximum the vineyard, the soil and the variety, we elaborate in small tanks and open barrels in the most natural way possible, without additives, without yeasts and without corrections.

The wine is aged both in 500-liter French oak barrels and in large-volume vats. We do not have a mathematical rule for the time of each wine in its aging container, since each year is different and we like to give each wine the time it needs, whether in barrel or in vat.

Currently, the winery produces around 25,000 bottles of wine annually, depending on each vintage.

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Jorge Piernas Bodegas y Viñedos was born from the respect and deep love that Juan Piernas instilled in his family for wine. Since 1940, the family has been involved in the world of wine, but since 2015, his grandson, Jorge Piernas, is the one who assumes the weight of labeling the illusion of a family and the effort of two generations preparing and training to offer that value that  Juan Piernas dreamed of.

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